“Forge” won the contest “All spaces!”

The painting "Forge" won the prize for the best work in the international competition "All scapes" ....
The title of "Best of Show" was awarded by the organizer - International Gallery of the Arts, Kanada, Toronto www.international-gallery.org :
"I am proud to announce that your piece "Forge" was selected as the best of show winner for this exhibit. We were in love with all of your futuristic paintings and felt that "Forge" expressed the theme in the most unique and creative manner. You are truly gifted and we wish you tremendous success." Borowicz-Maja-Forge The results of the competition with the artist interview and the winning images will be published in the Exquisite Arts Magazine (Canada). The winning image for the next month can be viewed in a web gallery: https://www.virtualgallery.com/galleries/international_gallery_of_the_arts_a23512883/all_scapes_art_exhibition_s15534 Enjoy watching!

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